The Mystery of Consciousness at the 92nd Street Y

Antonio Damasio is  going to join philosopher David Chalmers and physicist Marcelo Gleiser to discuss the mysteries of consciousness –this Thursday (September 6)–at the 92nd Street Y.


A neuroscientist, a philosopher and a physicist convene to discuss one of the biggest and most significant questions of all time: human consciousness, what we know and don’t know about it, and whether science will ever be able to understand what makes you, you.


  1. A neuroscientist, a philosopher and a physicist were all in a bar. While the philosopher was in the restroom, the neuroscientist turns to the physicist and says . . .

    I invite all to continue the story.

  2. Hahaha– I was thinking the same thing. If only I had an idea of how to finish the joke!

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