Spot the Metaphor

Hi everybody. I thought you might be interested in this Prezi ad.

  1. Prezi is much better than Powerpoint, etc. in terms of creating engaging, interactive presentations. No doubt.
  2. Our brains are not “hardwired” for certain kinds of content. There are no wires in our brains. Even if we accept this as a metaphor, our brains change continuously. It’s a misleading one.
  3. “Our brains” implies all our brains work the same way. Definitely not true.
  4. The image is cool though, and I think it does represent what’s valuable about the product–its dynamism, its ability to help us think about ideas in new ways.
  5. Prezi is a good product, stuck in a world of contradictions swirling through what some critics call “neuroculture” and others “neuromania.”

Your thoughts?



  1. They say no metaphor is perfect. Although I know nothing about Prezi as a product, the ad suggests to my personal hardwiring, a kind of automated connect between what most people’s brains might suppose and what Prezi offers. I think it, Prezi manifests it! Voila!
    The name conjurs both the words “presentation” and “easy,” which any good marketing strategist would say that the subliminal message there would help sell the product.

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